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The Vroomer Case Study in Trade Show Marketing

Reaction Pictures created a product video specifically designed for trade show marketing. By including the right features and details, the video was able to increase booth traffic by over 200% for the client. It also increased sales significantly which led to the product hitting the shelves at popular retailers. The feedback was so successful that the client chose to also incorporate the product video into their online marketing strategies.

Josh Rifkin wanted to increase the quality and and quantity of its face to face meetings with decision makers during key retail trade shows. He needed to put his product in context by showing real life examples of its capabilities.

Josh teamed up with Reaction Pictures to create a highly entertaining & educational product demo video. The video showcased the launch of their new product the Vroomer, a ball launcher, grooming tool and training squeaker all in one.

We understand that trade shows can be loud with distractions everywhere. So for this video to be successful Reaction Pictures would need to make captions large and easy enough to read. Our goal was to highlight specific features by using short phrases, bullet points and colors that compliment Josh’s trade show display.

We took the time to learn about the product itself by testing it on our office dog @corgiemmy. We then worked together to identify the ideal target audience, core messaging and call to action for the product. Josh Rifkin and Reaction Pictures were able to create a high quality product overview video that could be easily understood without the risk and hassle of an expensive product shoot. Reaction Pictures produced a 75 second video using engaging shots and informative graphics.

To showcase the product video at the trade show, Josh displayed several large flat screen monitors on his booth. The video grabbed people’s attention which helped drive traffic to the booth. In a clean and concise manner, the video described the product and solutions that Vroomer offered consumers.

By working with Reaction Pictures to design and implement the video marketing production, Vroomer increased its face to face meetings with decision makers by over 200% from previous events. The launch of the Vroomer campaign has now been picked up by several retail establishments.

The product video was able to communicate the bigger vision. The client originally intended to use the video only at trade shows but the reaction and feedback was so well received that he began incorporating the videos with online marketing campaigns.

This video was intended to be the centerpiece of a product exhibit. With words and moving pictures, it was designed to communicate the powerful solution this product can bring. Most critical was the video needed to include an engaging demo which had not yet been created—In only 3 weeks we were able to complete this project.

Production notes:
We had to build a very slick and fast-paced animation to keep the viewer engaged for the two-minute looping frames. We leveraged our extensive experience as we planned out the production, taking into account the typical conference show environments we have encountered (lots of foot traffic, over-stimulated attendees, ambient noise, unpredictable lighting conditions, poorly designed or poorly situated booths, etc.) All of these considerations had to be taken into account.

Here are the steps we took to create the video:
First we had to develop the storyboards so we could get to the development of more detailed style frames. Storyboards are typically developed for our own internal use. They visually describe the flow and composition of the spot so our team has a framework from which we can all work. Style frames are fully rendered mock-ups of what the actual final look of the piece will be that we share with the client for approval.

At this stage we also started to create a comprehensive shot list. This involved putting together the still images of the storyboard while making sure all actions fit and made sense within the overall timeframe of the production. We sometimes introduce basic animation as well at this point to make sure the actions that need to happen in the video are clear.

Tips for Video in Trade Show Marketing:
Trade Shows can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re there representing a startup or you’re otherwise new to shows. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Create a professional video BEFORE THE TRADE SHOW
  • The video is a great tool for driving interest, showcasing the reasons people should come see your product(and your sparkling personality, of course!) and getting prospects excited before the big day.
  • Your promotion strategy for a trade show should (a) be very specific to what your goals are, and (b) take into account your level of involvement.
  • Continue working with your video production company to re-purpose your video content. example your video production company can break the video into shorter segments. Allowing you to highlight a different feature each week using the corresponding short video segment combined with some more in-depth written content into your social media marketing plan.

We hope you enjoy the video. Let us know what you think!

Vroomer V3 from Reaction Pictures on Vimeo.

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