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Pacific Sotheby’s-O’Byrne Team Case Study

Over the years, Reaction Pictures joined forces with one of Pacific Sotheby’s top real estate groups, the O’Byrne Team. Through use of a consistent video marketing campaign, the O’Byrne team aimed to strengthen brand identity, attract new clients, and increase average sales prices. Reaction Pictures worked closely with the San Diego team to create unique video content that would stand out in a highly competitive real estate market. Potential clients were drawn to the fresh and exciting social media & digital marketing content that cut through the noise of the marketing landscape, constantly competing for attention.

Reaction Pictures worked with the O’Byrne Team to create a whole new level of realty advertising unheard of in the real estate market. Our video production team crafted compelling stories to showcase properties of all sizes and price ranges. We also implemented a vast amount of aerial videography collected through helicopter rides and drones. Through dynamic cinematography, top-of-the-line equipment, and creative editing, Reaction Pictures produced strong messaging to help grow the O’Byrne Team’s business.

Audiences can now clearly identify the difference between an O’Byrne Team marketed property and competing real estate companies. By employing Reaction Pictures video production, the O’Byrne Team benefitted by experiencing a 30% shortened sales cycle and a 35% increased sales price. The real estate team also experienced tremendous growth in lead generation through video marketing on their Facebook site, often receiving 10,000 to 50,000 views a quarter. This social media success removed many barriers to the sales process and increased current and prospective clients confidence in the O’Byrne brand. Through the collaboration of Reaction Pictures and O’Byrne, the real estate team was catapulted into phenomenal success.

Implemented aerial, Timelapse, speed ramps in editing to create a dynamic fast paced real estate marketing video. Utilized our lighting gear and cameras dynamic range to place our client at a window for his interview, enhancing the connection between our client and downtown high rise real estate.

As their portfolio and content grew, it became important for Reaction Pictures to build an organized Archived Library of content that could be accessed at their fingertips when they embarked upon a last minute Marketing campaign or Public Relations Opportunity. We also streamlined the process creating workflows and integrating software improvements that sped up the revision process.

Production notes:
For many of Pacific Sotheby’s shoots, we used three video cameras to keep up a fast pace of production to limit the number of time-consuming takes and many other recording accessories from the ProductExpert site online, to ensure that we had plenty of coverage for rapid video editing, and to keep the crew fresh.

Quicker workflows, and an archived system of B Roll allowed them to stay at Budget levels while allowing them to engage in more complex projects.

We strongly suggest that you view the video yourself and tell us what you think.

Seth O’Byrne- Pacific Gate from Reaction Pictures on Vimeo.

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